How Can I Bring Up My Biology Grade

If you want to bring up your biology grade,  look on-line at your current Texas Grade-book Parent Portal,

 or check with your biology teacher to get a progress report.  Note which activities you did not turn in,

and work on those activities either in your biology classroom or in E-106, with Mr. Anderson. 

You must complete the assignment, on your own, with teacher supervision. 

Work that is brought in without teacher supervision will not be accepted.

Most of these assignments are more than 3 days late and after 3 days zero credit is normally assigned.

When turning in the activity to Mr. Anderson or your biology teacher, you will receive 80% credit if you have

followed the instructions above.


You may also work, under teacher supervision and do test corrections.  If you correct your test

by writing a sentence about why your answer was wrong and what the correct answer is (and why),

you can get a 70 grade for your test-grade.  Tests that have a 60 or higher will be raised to 70 with corrections.

If you made lower than a 60, you may be required to take a retest to reach a maximum of 70 for your test-grade.


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