Mole Project

Objective:  Students will construct a poster that demonstrates how large the mole is.


Grading Rubric for project:


15  points    1. Student will write a WOW statement that exclaims how amazingly large the mole is....

                    Example: WOW, would you believe one mole of [object] laid end to end would go around the world [how many times].

                    You can use any appropriate object and any distance that it travels, space it fills, or other amazing measurement.... to the sun,

                    how many times it would fill the ocean, etc....

25 points    2. Show a diagram or sketch that illustrates one mole of your objects going that distance or achieving that amazing measurement.

                    Points for the presence, accuracy, artwork/appearance, and that it correctly displays your WOW statement.


35 points    3. Show the math to prove  

                    a) How far 1 mole of your object would travel or how large a measurement one mole of your object would achieve.

                    b) How many times it would travel the distance you claim or how many times it would achieve the measurement you claim.

20 points    4. Write a paragraph that explains the size of a mole, all of the facts about a mole and

                    all of the ways we have used the mole in class.

5 points       5. Write a one or more bibliography entries to tell where you got your information.


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