Retest Policy for Chemistry


Students that do not make a passing grade can do corrections and retest to have a chance at a higher grade....

1. Students must first correct their test in the classroom. 

You many not take pictures of tests, and must do the corrections in class.

2. If you scored a 60-70 you need only do the corrections to receive a 70 grade.

Corrections must have a sentence that explains why your answer was wrong and why the right answer is correct.

3. Corrections cannot just be a letter of the right answer or I just did not know, etc... they must contain information about the right and wrong answers.

4. If you made less than a 60, you will do corrections for 10 points then take the retest.

5. Your final score can be up to a 70, not higher.  Your score will increase 10 points for the corrections and can be up to a 70 if you score 70 or higher on the retest.

6. You must make corrections and retest within one week of the original test to receive credit.