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Binary Numbers 101 Order of Operations Base 8 and 16 Numbers Multiplying Binary Numbers Code Academy

Assignment for the week of March 21-27...Work through the Code Academy.  Do all and repeat if needed!













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Binary 101...and other base systems.


Our Base 10 system is based on positional notation, or place value.


                           105        104       103       102        101        100 ........and so on

                        100,000s 10,000s 1,000   100s    tens       1s

If a 1 is present in a place value, add that value, if a o is there then not.

The total represents the number!


Binary numbers, and all bases, are done the same way...the place values are powers of the base!

                        25       24       23       22        21        20 ........and so on

                     32s        16s     8s       4s      2s      1s

If a 1 is present in a place value, add that value, if a o is there then not.

When you count, you put a one to represent the place, then a o and a one in the next highest place value, then repeat.

Try these samples..... What value is represented by:   base 2/=base 10

1   = 1            10=2            11=3        100=4        111=7


When you start your test, write the place values below to translate base 2 numbers, each place value is double of the one to its right:

 128s        64s       32s       16s     8s       4s      2s      1s


Base 8, or any base works the same way.....

If a digit is present in a place value, add the digit times that place value, then add that value to the total, if a o is there then not.

You can have any digit from 0-7 in  column.

Place Values of Decimal Vs. Octal Systems


Power of 10: 103 102 101 100 . 10-1 10-2 10-3
Base 10 Place value: 1000 100 10 1 . 1/10 1/100 1/1000
Power of 8: 83 82 81 80 . 8-1 8-2 8-3
Base 8 Place value: 512 64 8 1 . 1/8 1/64 1/512















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The following link has JAVA and Netbeans to set up your computer to develop JAVA:

The following link has an online compiler for JAVA:













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