Genetics Computer Simulation Day


1.                  Login into the computer with your CISD login.

2.                  Open Google Genetic Dihybrid cross biology.Arizona or go to the URL:

3.                  Read through the tutorial of dihybrid crosses..

4.                  Draw the Punnett Square, from the example in the space below,

††††††††††† and write the phenotypic ratio.
















5.                  Go to the web site


††††† that lists Gregor Mendelís 7 main traits that he studied in genetics of†††

†††††††††††† pea plants.List the 7 dominant traits below:






  1. List 3 facts about Gregor Mendel below:






  1. Go to

or Google science review games Punnett Squares basketball.

  1. Answer the questions and take a shot.If you make the shot have your teacher sign/stamp here each time you make the shot.