Chemistry Replacement Activity for Activity______________________________________ 


Molar Mass Activity 1


Answer the following and show any work, formulas, additions or operations to receive credit.


Show the GAM (Gram Atomic Mass ) for the followingLNo work for 1-3)


1. Helium________                 2. Neon________           3. Iron_________


Show the GMM(Gram Molecular Mass) for the following:


4. H2O___________                 5. CO2_________           6. H2SO4___________







Show the GFM (Gram Formula Mass ) for the following:

7. AlSO4__________      8. NaCl___________      9.KCl______________









10. The general term for the mass of one mole of a substance is _________________.


11. The specific term for the mass on one ATOM is ___________________.


12. The specific term for the mass of one mole of  molecules is ____________.


Complete this activity, with any work shown and turn into Mr. Anderson.


It will count as one of your missing activities with late points/80% of graded credit.

Understand, it is not an automatic 80%, but 80% of the grade based on the grade you earn by completing it with all work and correct answers.