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Mole Math Activity 3


Solve the following Mole-Math Problems using your 3 conversion factors.  Show all work to receive any credit.  This will be graded on an 80% basis of the grade you earn.  This is not an automatic 80%.  Show complete work to get all of the credit you can.  Write your known and unknown and show your 3 blank problem format:

1.      How many grams are found in 5.0 moles of helium atoms?




2.      How many liters of volume are there in 6.0 liters of helium?





3.      How many moles are equal to 117 grams of NaCl?




4.      How many atoms are found in 8.0 moles of   

    sodium atoms?





5.      How many moles are found in a container with only 67.2 L of helium gas?






     6. How many grams would be found in 6.0 moles of boron atoms?