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CHS Letter From Mr. Davisson about Mr. Kincaid's Chemistry and Physics Classes


  To login to the McGraw Hill Physics Book, go to the address :

Your Username  is CISD.your ID#  with a period (Example:    CISD.000000)   Your Password is CISDyour id# without a period (Example:   CISD000000) 

....Remember all caps, a period after CISD in the username, but not in the password.



















Missing Assignments To Replace Missing Grades

Physics Momentum Makeup Assignment 1 Physics Impulse Makeup Assignment 2

Click on an assignment, print, complete and turn this in to Mr. Ray, Mr. Cloe, or Mr. Anderson to substitute for a missing daily grade. 

You must show all work and make-ups will be graded at 80% of graded credit. 


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