Welcome to PreAP Chemistry I!  This will be a year full of fun, activities, labs, demonstrations, learning and work!!

        In PreAP Chemistry, you will be required to perform many calculations.  A scientific calculator is a must.  Be sure to get a calculator that says "scientific".  A TI 83, TI 83+, or TI 84+ calculator will be fine, however you will be required to clear all memory before a test or quiz, and there are some chapters where you may not use a calculator with the periodic table function. A TI 30x calculator will do everything you will need in PreAP Chemistry and they sell for under $10 in most stores.  Beside your calculator, you should bring your chemistry notebook with paper and pencil every day.  There will be a class set of books, so you will not need to bring your book.

        In PreAP Chemistry, your grade will be calculated as follows:

daily/homework grades          10%
 lab/quizzes      30%
tests /major grades   60%

       You will be asked to write an article summary covering an article from some chemistry topic from the 9 weeks period.  Any article from a newspaper, magazine, or journal will be ok, but be careful about your source if you use the internet.  Make sure you are using an article from a reliable source.  10 points of the article summary grade will be inclusion of a correct bibliography for the source of the article.  You should include a copy of the article with the summary.  There is more information on the article summary assignment on the web-page.

        Labs and demonstrations are an important part of chemistry.  Each student will perform labs with one or two lab partners.  Each group will be assigned a lab drawer with equipment.  Students will be responsible for breakage of lab equipment.  Students are also responsible for reading labs and knowing procedures and safety rules to maintain a safe environment.  When labs are turned in, each student will be responsible for turning in their own lab...lab reports are not turned in as a group, unless the teacher specifies that.  Even though students perform the lab together and may work together on calculations, your answers, work and conclusions should be your own work.  Students should follow all lab rules and never perform unauthorized lab procedures.

        Students will have access to technology, lab equipment, software, internet, and other technology.  The use of technology requires students have permission and sign an acceptable use policy at CHS.  All students are responsible for any damage to equipment due to horseplay, negligence, or intentional damage.

        Late daily work will not be accepted unless the student has an excused absence, since we grade daily work in class.  Students will have all of the correct answers at that point and it is a fairness issue.  Assignments and due dates will be clearly stated and it is the students responsibility to have that work completed and with them when it is due.  Two homework grades will be dropped during the nine weeks, so that should cover one or two homework assignments and after that, failure to have completed homework should and will affect your average.  Labs, quizzes, and tests are subject to the district guidelines that state that assignments turned in one day late are allowed 80% credit, assignments 2 days late are allowed 60% credit, after 2 days late, 0 credit is allowed. 

        Students who miss class because of an excused assignment will be expected to make up that assignment.  This includes all types of assignments.  Since answers are available, the assignment will be completed and turned in for an excused or 'E' grade.  This will neither raise nor lower the grade, unless the assignment is not turned in...if the assignment is not made up by the number of days of absence, it will be subject to the district guidelines.  Makeup quizzes and tests will be similar in difficulty level, but may be different forms or questions.

        Evaluation is a high-order learning skill.  Students will grade their own homework using a red pen and the key on projector or overhead.  Correcting answers with any other pen or pencil (CHEATING) will be punished by the assignment being counted as a zero in the grade-book.  A class set of red pens will be available and will be used for this grading.  When a student turns in a test or quiz, they will not be allowed to write on that test or quiz unless they use a red pen at the teachers desk.  (No changing of answers after walking by other papers.) Copying any assignment from another students paper will subject the both copier and the person's paper who allowed the copying to receive no credit.

        All papers should have a full heading of name, class and date in the upper-right hand side of the paper.  (The papers will be stapled in the upper left-hand side.)  5 points will be deducted if there is no name/heading.

        Finally, all students will perform a major project during the year.  this will be a test grade for the last nine-weeks and details are posted elsewhere on this the web-page.

        All students should set up a parent connection to the TXGradebook account to view their grades.  Grades are recorded in a timely fashion and averages and assignment grades can be viewed 24/7 by logging in and viewing your grades on the district Parent-connection for TXGradebook.  If students do not have internet at home, there will be a computer available in class or in the library to view grades.

        There is also a very complete web-site at , where class information, a class calendar, tutorials, and other important information will be available.  It is the student's responsibility to know assignments made in class, if the internet or an assignment is not available, it is still due when it was assigned in class.

        Have a great year!

        L. Anderson