Pre-AP Chemistry Information, Rules, and Expectations


            Welcome to Pre-AP Chemistry.   This will be an exciting, fast-paced year, with many labs, demonstrations, and new concepts.  We will be using the McGraw Hill Chemistry textbook.  You should be  prepared for much work and a pace that covers the curriculum in chapters 1-12 the first semester and curriculum from chapters 13-24 during the second semester.


            You will be performing many calculations during the year.  Although there will be some calculators available in class, it is recommended that you have a scientific calculator for your own use.  They are available from most department stores for between $5-$10 , and will be useful in all of your science classes.  No cell phones or electronic devices will be allowed during class, without permission of the teacher.  Having a cell-phone out during a quiz or test will result in a zero-grade.


            Grades will be calculated as follows:

                        Daily Grades              20%

                        Quiz/Lab/CA             35%

                        Major Grades             45%


            Grades will be kept in the Texas Grade-book, online.  These grades can be checked 24/7 by setting up an on-line account at the parent connection/portal at the Comal ISD web-site.  Your teacher will be updating grades at least once a week and the grades will roll into the parent/student-server.


            Homework assignments will not be accepted late, because we check these in class.  A student may request an alternate assignment, which will be graded by the district late policy.  Evaluation is a higher-order skill and we will evaluate daily work by checking these, at the beginning of class, on the day it is due.  We use red ink pens and students correct their work with red pens to see errors.  Using pencils or colors of ink from the assignment will result in a zero grade for the assignment.


            Alternate assignments, labs, or major grades will be graded on the basis of 80% when 1 day late, 60% when 2 days late and 0 credit when 3 or more days late, unless there is an absence during the time-span.  All assignments will be made in class, but there is also a Google-calendar that will have assignments.  It is the students’ responsibility to copy assignments in class when they are there.

If a student is absent and no new material is covered while they are absent, then they are responsible for events, quizzes, and tests when they return.  If a student is absent, and new material was covered, they have the number of days of absence to make up work.  After that, the late assignment grade policy kicks in.


            Pre-AP students will be allowed to take  a retest, for 50 points total, during a 9-weeks period.

Students must do corrections first and then take the retest in my classroom.  Corrections must be a sentence that states what the mistake was and why the right answer is a better choice.  Problems should be re-worked and work should be shown for every problem done during the year.  No quizzes will be retaken, the lowest quiz per 9-weeks will be dropped.  2 daily grades will be dropped.


            All assignments,  that are turned in, will need to have a full heading in the upper right corner.  If you do not, you may lose credit to the assignment.  Mr. Anderson staples on the left corner.


            All PreAP chemistry students will do a year-long project that will be due by May 12, 2017.  Some projects will be due earlier, depending on the schedule for that particular project…( Example:  Science fair which follows the Alamo Regional Science Fair calendar and is due earlier in the year.)

There will be a digital project for the first semester that will be due December 9, 2016, there will be several days during this semester where students will have class time to work on that project.  Look online for project titles and specific instructions for each of the major project categories.  There will be other various projects during the year as part of the curriculum.


            There is a very complete web-page aty which has access to the online text, tutorials, chapter notes, and other resources.  There is also a Google Calendar which has the weekly schedule for the class.


            Lab materials and equipment will be kept at the mid-table for 1 week from the end of a lab, so if you are absent, make-up the lab at the mid-table, by the number of days you were absent.


            Students will be required to wear lab-safety glasses , or goggles, for labs.  Students will be required to read labs before we do the lab.  Points may be deducted for not wearing safety glasses or for horseplay/unsafe behavior in the class.  Each student will be required to turn in their own lab write-up and they should do their own work, not copy other labs.


            Mr. Anderson’s e-mail address is . 


            Have a GREAT Year!


L. Anderson



CHS Science Department Chairman