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Students in PreAP Chemistry and Physics classes will be required to perform a TAKS Preparation of 5 Hours between now and April 20, 2012.  As the student performs the TAKS preparation on their own, they should have parents sign off each period of work.  Seniors do not need to prepare for TAKS, unless they have not passed it yet, and are exempt from this activity.

This counts as a test grade for the last nine weeks in 2012.  (Cannot be counted earlier.)

You will receive credit for the amount of time you actually do, have signed  and turn in, as logged on this page. 

Highlight what you want to print   (below page.) and click on print,  then click on selection and OK  Logs are available in class also.


TAKS  Resource               What I Did &  Objective (from List Below)                                       TIME           DATE       Parent Signature

  Add up total time for this page to receive  credit-->      

Science TAKS TEKS...
Science #1    Student uses critical thinking & problem solving to make informed decisions.``

Science #2    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the organization of living systems.

Science #3    Demonstrate an understanding of the interdependence of organisms & the environment.
Science #4    Demonstrate an understanding of the structures & properties of matter.

Science #5    Demonstrate an understanding of motion, forces, & energy.


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