Test Correction Policy for Biology E-102


1. If you make less than a 70, you can do test corrections /retest for a grade up to 70.

2. If you make between a 60 and 70,youwill only need to do the corrections for a 70.If you make less than a 60, then you need to do the corrections first, then take the retest.Your final grade will be the grade on the test, up to a 70, no higher.

3. Corrections should be done in room E106 or E102 and you cannot take tests out of those rooms.You cannot take pictures of any test or key ever.

4. Your corrections should be a sentence or two about why you got the answer wrong, what the correct answer is and why.Statements like I didnít know it or didnít study enough are not acceptable.You need to explain why the actual answer was better than what you answered.

5. Corrections must be done within 1 week of the test to count.

6. If you retest, you will have a different test than the original test, but it will be over similar material and be of similar difficulty.

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