AP Physics B Information and Expectations

AP PHYSICS B Information and Expectations


Welcome to AP Physics for 2013-2014.  You are in for lots of hands-on physics, fun, learning and work.  The goal of this course is first to learn lots of physics and secondly to gain college credit.  You should have both of these goals in mind every minute until after you take the AP test in May.

 We will be doing many calculations and labs that require the use of a scientific calculator.  Many of these actions will require the use of a graphing calculator such as a TI-83 or 84 series calculator.  There will be a class set of these calculators, but it will help you to have one to use at home for homework, completing labs, or test-preparation.

Your grade will be determined by the following criteria…

                   Tests                    60%

                   Daily                    10%

                   Lab / AP Prep      30%

 AP Prep will consist of completing parts or all of past AP tests, that are given to you  and keeping those in a notebook, with keys.  This notebook will be checked periodically without notice, so keep it with you.  It is one of the few grades that can be turned in late with a 20 point per day penalty.

 Daily work does not count a large percentage, but your tests will be based largely from homework-type problems.  Homework  will be assigned on a daily basis, and in most cases, will be checked in class at the beginning of the period.  If you have done your preparation, test-day should be easy.

 You will be required to maintain a lab-notebook and this notebook will be signed at the end of the year because many colleges will not give you credit for the lab portion of your course without it. 

 You will be expected to prepare for, take, and pass the AP Physics exam.  Don’t enter this course unless that is your intent.