Media Major Project First Semester due December 9th

Students will design and turn in a media project.(Click Here for Media Project Rubric.)

1. The project will contain a 6-10 minute media-based demonstration, tutorial, or explanation of a chemistry concept covered this year...(past, present, or future)

2. The project can be PowerPoint based (up to grade 75 if only PowerPoint), but for maximum points, should have an edited video portion developed by the student that comprises at least 50% of the presentation.  The more editing, the more the quality points.

3. The presentation can be 100% edited video or can have a PowerPoint 'parent-app'.

4. Projects should be placed in the LAnderson folder in the student S-drive by December 9th.  You should have a back-up copy on the 9th, on a USB stick.  (Projects not turned in on the 9th will be subject to deduction for late.)

5. Save the file as mproj_classperiod_lastname(s)  example:  mproj_1st_period_smithandrogers



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Rubric for grading media project:


[___]     0-40 points--> Base Project with 6 minutes of presentation.(-5 points for each 30 seconds shorter)

[___]     30 points --> Edited video makes up at least 50% with self-edited video.   (Not from YouTube or other person.) Deduct 5 points for every 5% below 50%

[___]     15 points-->  Effective in achieving goal

[___]     15 points-->  Quality/effort in work/saved correctly.

20 points off for each day late.